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Coming soon in Q1 of 2023, this online resource will provide a customized shopping experience for all YMCA purchasing needs. This will be members’ one-stop shop for selecting goods and services for your YMCA. Shopping is easy with best-in-class vendor contracts for ultimate YMCA savings. Members of your team will feel comfortable using this online tool to make smart purchasing decisions.

Vendors for YMCAs:

YMCAs will have access to vendors of all varieties in the Marketplace. Many of our vendors already have relationships with your YMCA and some do not, but most important is that ALL the vendors have discounted pricing for your YMCA in place. YPurchasing will be onboarding new vendors every month with contracted pricing from both YPG, Gro, and YUSA. Be sure to check back each month to see an updated list of active vendors and vendors who are in the process of being added to the site.

Some Vendors Currently Accessible on YPG Marketplace:

Standard Online Platform for YMCAs:

No matter how large or small, every YPurchasing member may enjoy the benefits of using this online shopping resource. When we launch this online tool in 2023, there will be no cost to YPurchasing members for the basic platform and there will be no limit to the number of users. The approval workflow is simple and orders may be submitted directly to vendors. Need a recap of your YMCA’s purchasing history? It’s all right here in YPG Marketplace online. Training and onboarding will be available to all YMCA users.

Resource & Partnership Driven:

Partnering with SpendBridge, and Y-USA, YPurchasing brings this Proprietary Purchasing System designed exclusively for YMCAs right to your “virtual” doorstep. Contracts are available through YPurchasing and Y-USA.

  • SpendBridge has developed the purchasing platform specifically for YMCAs to use as their primary purchasing platform
  • Additionally, in collaboration with Gro, numerous supplier contracts for YMCA facilities and construction will now be available through this one-stop-shop platform.  Gro’s Procurement Program for Building (PPB) sources building materials, equipment, supplies, and services for YMCAs.
  • YUSA is providing their current contracted pricing programs from vendors that YMCAs have access to

New vendors are being added monthly!

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