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The YPurchasing leadership team has more than 35 years of combined experience assisting YMCAs with purchasing needs. Whether you’re interested in learning more about YPurchasing membership, or you’re a current member with questions, our team is accessible and ready to help. Call us with your concerns and we’ll make sure you have the answers you need. We’d love to hear from you!

Terry McElfresh

President and Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (502) 805-0976

Leads the YPurchasing team in serving our membership

  • Assisting YMCAs since 2013


Jeffrey “J.R.” Rose

Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (502) 741-5869

Manages YPurchasing financial needs

  • Assisting YMCAs since 2020

Jody Shaikun

Vice President of Operations
Phone: (502) 805-0978

Responsible for YPurchasing operations and vendor relationships

  • Assisting YMCAs since 2015


Justin Hines

Senior Business Manager
Phone: (502) 805-0980

Supervises YPurchasing membership, project management, and data management

  • Assisting YMCAs since 2013


Michael Dant

Director of Sales
Phone: (502) 208-4566

Responsible for YPurchasing sales and marketing

  • Assisting YMCAs since 2016


Jennifer Bell

Member Services
Phone: (502) 805-0983

Responsible for project management

  • Assisting YMCAs since 2019


Brian Habeeb

e-Commerce Operations Manager
Phone: (502) 805-0973

Responsible for YPG Marketplace

  • Assisting YMCAs since 2022

Grant Hendrix

Member Services
Phone: (502) 805-0974

Responsible for project management

  • Assisting YMCAs since 2022

Keegan Smith

Office Administration

Responsible for office and data administration

  • Assisting YMCAs since 2022

Thomas Limbu

Data Administration

Responsible for data administration

  • Assisting YMCAs since 2022

YPurchasing Board Members

YPurchasing is guided by visionary YMCA leadership and board members from across the country. They are guided by the YMCA Mission, ensuring YPurchasing is forward-thinking in creating effective purchasing strategies and options for all YMCA organizations.

Phil Platz

Board Chair
CFO, YMCA/JCC of Greater Toledo

Serving YMCAs since 2011

Cesar Silva

EVP & CAO, Y-USA since 2022

Serving YMCAs since 2009

Joey Harwell

CFO, YMCA of Middle Tennessee

Serving YMCAs since 2015

Jeff McBride

CEO, YMCA of Orange County

Serving YMCAs since 1986

Terry McElfresh

President and Chief Executive Officer YPG

Assisting YMCAs since 2013