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YPurchasing members everywhere agree—saving money is the greatest part of membership. Compared to standalone YMCAs that are not members, most Ys experience an 8-22% average aggregate savings. You’ll receive the best fitness pricing in the industry, and you’ll receive the benefits of product consolidation and standardization.

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No Risk, No Fees

When your YMCA joins YPurchasing, there are no membership or other administrative fees. You can cancel without penalty or hidden charges. Your membership adds to our bargaining power with vendors, ultimately meaning better pricing for all YPurchasing members.

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Trusted Programs and Vendors

YPurchasing members enjoy access to more than 50 programs and over 80 vendors, including national baseline pricing available to all YMCAs.


Our vendors

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Additional Membership Benefits

Bargaining Power

Regardless of the size of your YMCA, YPurchasing members enjoy consistent pricing across the board. Our purchasing power, experience, and bargaining position translates into incredible savings for member YMCAs. Annually, YPurchasing spends $30M in fitness equipment, $5M in office supplies, $9M in janitorial supplies, and $1M in waste services. You stand to benefit from our negotiated volume discounts.

Diversity Access

Many Associations are particularly interested in working with minority owned and operated vendors. Diversity is important to us and we offer a range of options for our members to consider.

Data and Market Insight

When your YMCA is a YPurchasing member, you’ll automatically benefit from business intelligence reporting related to industry trends, products, and pricing.

Purchasing Assistance

One of the greatest aspects of a YPurchasing membership (beside cost savings) is the assistance we provide our members. Along with a dedicated Project Manager assigned to each member YMCA, your team will have access to our full-time purchasing department, continuous awareness of vendor offerings and specials, and individual guidance on one-time purchasing needs and research.

Online Purchasing Marketplace

When we launch this new service early in 2023, members will receive free access to our online YMCA purchasing marketplace for specific products and vendors. Click here to learn more about YPG Marketplace.

Invest in your mission with YPurchasing savings.

Hear from YPurchasing CEO and YMCA Executives about why they chose to be a part of YPurchasing.

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