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Impact Statement

YPurchasing serves as a steward for all YMCA organizations by ensuring the best possible pricing on quality goods and services, leading to impactful cost savings that help advance all YMCA facilities and community programs.

Together we are stronger.

Strength in Numbers

Growing YPurchasing membership means maximum savings for all member YMCAs. We’re growing rapidly—236 YMCA organizations to-date. This includes 4,139 locations in 37 states throughout the U.S.  More than 360 YMCAs participated in YPG’s COVID Relief Program between 2020 and 2022. YPurchasing membership is available to every YMCA in the United States—and there are NO FEES to join.

Is Your YMCA a Member?

  At YPurchasing, it’s all about YOU

  • YMCA Heritage – 19 YMCAs came together to launch YPurchasing in 2015.
  • Member Driven – 236 YMCA associations are members, representing more than 4,100 locations.
  • All Sizes Welcome – We enthusiastically represent associations as large as 20+ branches to those with a single community branch.
  • Forty-Eight – That’s how many top 100 revenue-producing YMCAs are members.
  • YMCA Experience – 80% of our staff has worked for a YMCA, served as board members, and/or helped with YMCA fundraising.
  • YMCA Board – All YPurchasing board members are current YMCA Executives.


"It was helpful for us to join in with other Ys and group purchasing to support each other. We’re all using common products and it seemed to make a lot of common sense to use their volume to work together. There’s a whole lot of services where the Ys could benefit from coming together to drive better deals.”

- Shaun Elliott, President & CEO, Greater Philadelphia YMCA, Pennsylvania
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Take the stress out of purchasing and get back to your mission.

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