YPurchasing is now OPEN TO ALL YMCAs.  The new Associate Member Program opens up YPurchasing with NO FEES to join.  Signing-up is free and easy.

Simply CONTACT US now to learn more.  We will explain the process and get you signed up fast.  The rest is moving at your pace.

YPurchasing is Purchasing for YMCAs

We specialize in negotiating pricing for YMCAs for the benefit of our YMCA members.  That's what we do - it's our primary focus.  We assist YMCAs in their purchasing needs, whether its ongoing needs like janitorial or office supplies, a periodic need to save on fitness equipment, or a one-time need like making a purchase for a floor scrubber.  We also focus on creating unique relationships with YMCA vendors by providing value and lower prices for all YMCAs.

Ypurchasing’s process provides the single greatest opportunity for a YMCA to control costs while producing savings on products and services they need to run their Y. It's efficient and helps YMCAs effectively manage their spending. We produce real benefits for our members' bottom line.

The Difference YPurchasing Makes for YMCAs in their Communities

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The major YPurchasing advantage is experience and leverage in the marketplace.

We increase the purchasing power of our members by making large volume purchase commitments, and by speaking with one consistent voice to suppliers and distributors.

We understand business complexities and challenges of the YMCA, and have a proven record of developing executable business solutions.


On average, members save 12–25% annually, compared with existing pricing. Regardless of association size, savings can be found in a variety of categories.

  • Average member savings on fitness equipment:


  • Average member savings on office supplies:


  • Average member savings on janitorial supplies:


  • Average member savings on waste:



YPurchasing savings categories cover almost everything your organization could need. If there is a special request from a member, we can accommodate that, too!

Fitness Equipment

Pest Control

Office Supplies

Mats & Linens

Waste & Janitorial


A Gathering Point for YMCA Associations

YPurchasing provides a forum for YMCAs to identify common interests.

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Providing Custom Programs & Results

Members let us know where they want to see lower cost for their organizations.

About YPurchasing

Increase Purchasing Power & Leverage...

with larger volume purchase commitments & by speaking with one consistent voice.

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Maintain Your Existing Vendor Relationships

We negotiate lower rates with local, regional and national suppliers.

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Strength in Numbers

YPurchasing is continuing to grow fast with 210 YMCAs that have become members since 2015.  This includes 3,964 locations in 35 different states around the U.S.!  Over 360 YMCAs participated in YPG's COVID Relief Program between 2020 and 2022.  YMCAs are now joining monthly as there are NO FEES to join YPurchasing.  YPurchasing is now available to every YMCA in the United States.  Contact us to see join now!

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Let us help you improve your bottom line.

When you work with YPurchasing, we leverage your Y to a better buying position!