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Cliff Fiore
Manager, National Accounts


RTS rebounders provide YMCA members the flexibility to play pickleball whenever they want –no need to wait for the designated court time.
Portable and wall-mounted models are available to accommodate your facility needs.


  • The Club is the perfect rebounder for players who desire a large hitting area.  Also, most accommodating for multiple players practicing together.
  • Bungee cord-secured net is provided below the rebound panel to keep your rally going
  • All-steel frame and base construction (No PVC pipe and glue)
  • Panel dimensions (inches): 64W X 32H, .50 inch thick – comprised of two 32W X 32H panels (vertical seam in the center of the panel)
  • UV-protected, polyurethane panel
  • Rebounding panel bottom edge positioned at the legal 34 inch center net height
  • Industrial-grade locking casters
  • Locked vertical panel position (accessories can be purchased for alternate positions)
  • Safety tether for securing the frame assembly to the base
  • Overall dimensions (inches): 68H X 74W X 42D
  • Weight: 78 lbs total, (frame assembly – 55 lbs, base – 23 lbs)
  • Assembly required



  • The perfect rebounder for limited space
  • Includes 2 sets of adjustment bars for orienting the rebounder panel to 10° and 20° angular positions (altering the panel angle provides the ability to practice all shots including ground strokes, volleys, dinks, and overheads)
  • Frame assembly pivots on both the top and bottom hook pairs to alter the panel angle
  • Bungee cord-secured net is provided below the rebound panel to keep your rally going
  • All-steel frame construction (No PVC pipe and glue)
  • Frame assembly is tethered to the two top hooks by jack chain, metal tabs, split rings, and metal tie downs (for the negative angle panel position)
  • Panel dimensions (inches): 45.5W X 32H, .50 inch thick
  • UV-protected, polyurethane panel
  • Rebounding panel bottom edge positioned at the legal 34 inch center net height
  • Frame dimensions (inches): 62H X 48W X 2D  (vertical mounted position)
  • Weight: 42 lbs total
  • Assembly required


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