Program Description:

NPN360 is the YPG preferred provider for all of your APPAREL requirements. Our UNIQUE process focuses on:

  • Brand Standardization and Compliance
  • Streamline Purchasing and Marketing Processes for Efficiency
  • Significant Cost Reductions, Transparent Reporting, Heightened Controls

In short NPN360 provides national standardization along with local customization to deliver a best in class customer experience for the YMCA’s.


Products include:

T-Shirts, Sports Shirts, Shorts, Hats, Swimwear, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Jackets,

Performance Shirts, Staff Apparel, Polo Shirts, Vests, Fitness Apparel and thousands more…..

National Contact:                                                           

Ken Petrie
Executive Vice President
847-325-5947 (Office)
847-840-2113 (Cell) (Email)

Customer Service:

Jane Lang
Senior Customer Service Manager YMCA’s
847-325-5988 (Office) (Email)