Do you have a copier program in place? How much are you paying per clicks? Are you printing more black and white or color copies? When was the last time you spoke to your copier rep? If you haven’t considered a copier program yet, YPurchasing has a program available. To learn more about the Copier Program, please call or email YPurchasing.


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Common Pitfalls to Look for When Leasing or Purchasing Copiers


YPurchasing’s copier program involves looking at the savings and costs of managing and running copiers and printers for YMCAs.  We get a lot of questions relative to purchasing or leasing new copiers for locations.  We understand that leasing or purchasing new copiers can be a painful process.  Below are some common pitfalls to watch out for:


Lease Return Notifications

Leasing companies require written notification prior to the end of the lease within a very specific time frame such as “no less than 30 but no more than 90 days”. If you don’t provide this notification, the lease can auto-renew for at least 30 days or even up to a year! It is not in the leasing company’s best interest to update you about this notification deadline.

Cost Containment Program

Many copier companies claim that their proposal includes everything. We have seen many instances where this is not at all true. For example, the wrong accessory is proposed to keep the cost down, then the costs escalate once the correct accessories are added. Many times these contracts will not include items such as staples, waste toner containers and shipping costs for supplies.

Total Cost of Ownership

Many contracts have an annual increase as part of the terms and conditions which can range from 5% to 15%. These contracts can appear to be low cost initially; however, the total cost of ownership over the term of the agreement is what needs to be determined so that you truly know what your expenses are for the term of the agreement, not just in the first year.

Contract Minimums

Service or lease contracts that include a minimum usage allowance need to be reviewed to confirm that they accurately match the amount of copy/print volume being done. They should also have a clause where you can reduce the minimums if the volume drops.

Remote Support

All contracts should include remote support via FM Audit or some other monitoring tool at no charge. This enables the servicing company to be proactive in providing support, supply management, and gathering meters/usage information.

Outsourced Printing

Does your YMCA print marketing materials at any print shops? Recent advances in printing technology could allow you to print these materials in-house and on-demand, leading to a significant cost savings and reduction in printing waste.

Please contact Jody Shaikun today to learn how YPG and Team Solutions Group can reduce your printing expenses and increase your efficiencies. Have your current copier contract available along with an invoice showing current B+W and color allowances. 





Last month, we covered Benefits 1-4 of YPurchasing which dealt with, Savings, Bargaining, Standardization, and Programs.  This month, we’ll cover the remaining 3 benefits of Reporting, Control and No Risk.


Communication is so important! We send a monthly member newsletter with new vendor announcements, special discounts and valuable information. We have a dedicated web portal with savings reports for members to access, and a community chat where Ys can write to one another which creates great dialogue and give members access to YMCA industry info.

Members also receive a quarterly report on the savings programs they use. Those reports (internally, we call them audits) are a great way to spot billing errors! Through the quarterly audit, we will occasionally find that a member has been overcharged and work with the vendor to get the error corrected ASAP.


Other than fitness, you decide in which programs your YMCA will participate and which ones to sit out. Most Ys make their decisions based on what savings and service accompany each program compared to their current pricing in the at category. We will do a direct cost comparison (Free!) before you even join to see some examples of our pricing vs your current pricing.

As a member, you can choose to keep your current vendors or work with ours. You are in control because you and your team know your organization best!


No risk? That sounds kitschy. How can their be “no risk’? Here is why! If you find the savings are not great enough to make a difference for your organization, or you want to cancel your membership for other reasons, simply let us kjnow. We will refund 100% of your investment, and you will still keep whatever savings you achieved as a member.


Ready for your free cost comparison?
Contact Mike Dant –

Making A Fitness Purchase Soon?

We have a lot of our members and prospective YMCAs in the process of placing upcoming fitness orders for the Fall.  If you could save $1,000, $10,000, $25,000 or more for the exact same equipment, would you?

Let YPurchasing do a quick fitness assessment for you to see what you could save on your next fitness order, NO STRINGS ATTACHED.  Click here to let us know you are interested.  We’ll follow-up and tell you what we need.


YPurchasing Copier Program

YPurchasing has great partnerships in place with some great Copier, Printer and Document Management companies that provide customized office technology solutions worldwide.

YPurchasing’s copier vendors have quickly had an impact with a number of the YMCAs that have utilized their services.  The savings they provided have been impactful and the level of service they have provided has been exceptional.

YPurchasing members have access to exclusive pricing programs for:

  • Multifunction Printers & Copiers
  • Desktop Printers
  • Light Production / In-House Marketing Printing & Copying
  • Document Management Software
  • Desktop & Production Document Scanners
  • Electronic Whiteboards
  • Digital Signage Displays & Software
  • VoIP Phone Solutions
  • Atmospheric Water Generation Systems


If your YMCA team needs any of these types of technology, reach out to Michael Dant to learn more.

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