Delaware LLC taxed as a Corporation

  • All participating YMCA’s are owners
  • 3 Unit Classes based on budget size
  • YNAN | Mid-Major | Small Y
  • Each Class has board representation
  • YMCA USA will be invited to a board seat
  • Management & Execution outsourced to Alliance Cost Containment
  • Oversight by YPG Board of Directors
  • Board Chair -TBD
  • Secretary (Atty.) – TBD


YPG services include benchmarking against the marketplace, supplier identification and rationalization, RFX management, contracting and negotiations, and procurement process improvement including reverse auction solutions.

Strategic sourcing is not a solo effort. We partner with our members to drive value creation by leveraging our mutual time, knowledge-base, sourcing experience, resources and tools.

Our cost reduction initiatives include industry benchmarking current spends against the marketplace, spend analysis, supplier identification and qualification, strategic sourcing event management, negotiation with local, regional and national suppliers.

YPG will  provide On-Demand resources to support your company’s capital sourcing initiatives. Whether you require resources, subject matter expertise, technology solutions, or access to critical marketplace data, YPG can assist you in any part of your procurement project. We have a built a database of price points covering hundreds of categories going back to 1992.

Our goal is to help you obtain savings faster while improving all qualitative aspects of your relationships with suppliers.