Alliance Cost Containment (ACC), a cost reduction consulting firm, has launched a national buying group for YMCA organizations around the country. The purpose of the group is to leverage aggregate buying power and provide lower purchasing costs for member YMCAs. The new entity is known as Your Purchasing Group, or Ypurchasing.

Ypurchasing came into being with more than 20+ initial member YMCAs representing 212 locations across the nation. Additional YMCA organizations are expected to join YPG when membership re-opens this month. Headed by Terry McElfresh, former Chief Operating Officer of Alliance Cost Containment, Ypurchasing is governed by a board of 9 YMCA executives. Serving as ACC Special Adviser is Concept Leader, Daniel E. Woodside. McElfresh and Woodside are two highly recognizable names among group purchasing organizations. Initially, the buying group has focused on select cost saving categories and will expand to other expense areas in the coming months. Ypurchasing contracts with specific vendors for pre-negotiated pricing for its members. Some initial categories include: fitness equipment, waste removal services, office supplies, mats, linens, coffee, janitorial supplies and pest control.

YMCA organizations across the USA have a collective annual spending budget of over $1 Billion on hundreds of products and services. YPG aims to be the leading channel where, regardless of their size, individual YMCAs can take advantage of major savings through the power of group buying.

Adding a true group purchasing organization to ACC is a key service extension for us,” said Miles Lee, Chief Executive Officer for Alliance Cost Containment. “ACC has an excellent track record in saving money for YMCAs. This new partnership allows us to bring Fortune 500 level buying power to the YMCA community.”

If you are a YMCA executive interested in learning more about becoming a member of, visit the website at, or contact